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Olha Vyborna

Senior Accountant
Olha serves as the diligent steward of accounting matters at Antvic Ltd, a role she’s undertaken since her qualification in 2015. Her association with Antvic commenced in 2015, and since then, she has been instrumental in meticulously overseeing all financial activities and expenditures, both for the projects and the company itself.

Olha maintains a daily vigil over the company’s accounts, ensuring their up-to-the-minute accuracy. She takes charge of aggregating the hours worked and time sheet schedules for on-site subcontractors. Additionally, she assumes responsibility for managing all aspects of staff personal expenses, demonstrating her comprehensive involvement in financial operations.

As the head of accounting operations within the company, Olha not only oversees in-house accounting but also effectively manages all outsourced accounting processes. Furthermore, she shoulders the full responsibility for the annual company audit, illustrating her pivotal role in maintaining the financial integrity of Antvic Ltd..