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Antvic LTD

About us

At Antvic Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of services across the commercial and residential sectors of the construction industry. Established in 2009, we have since maintained our stellar reputation of quality and efficiency throughout the entire building process. We work in close collaboration with contractors, architects, project managers and engineers. This allows us to offer a wider range of services from private residential projects to much larger corporate developments.

We act as the main contractor on a vast array of projects, co-ordinating all stages from initial design through to project completion. At Antvic, we are able to provide a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of each project, as well as to the needs of our clients. We aim to ensure that each project is delivered to the highest specification standards, within the agreed budget and timeframes. As the construction industry appears to be evolving rapidly with the continued introduction of advanced technologies, we pride ourselves in keeping abreast of such changes in order to take advantage of the amazing opportunities such technologies offer for innovation and the augmentation of our capabilities.

Antvic LTD

Vision and Mission


At Antvic, we envision an industry where all participants of the built environment—from architects to structural engineers—can communicate seamlessly with a focus on quality and efficiency in the building process.


Our mission is to under-promise and over-deliver on all our projects, with a non-compromising attitude toward delivering buildings with exceptional quality assurance, keeping costs within budgets and delivering projects within specified timeframes.

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What We Do

Activity of the company

Design & Build

With a history of delivering sustainable design and build projects, we offer a complete solution package for developers, offering administrative and technical support from the conception to completion phases, always mindful of set budgets and timeframes.

Project management

From the initial stages of feasibility studies and planning, technical design and execution, right through to the monitoring, delivery, and marketing stages, we work very closely with our clients, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their needs in order to deliver the outstanding results Antvic has become known for. Our people with their expertise and experience coupled with our commitment to effective time and people management are the determining factors in helping us achieve results our clients can be proud of.

Commercial Projects

Our commercial contracts have covered a broad array of projects which have been some of our most fulfilling work so far. In complete contrast to the smaller residential works on extensions, our team at Antvic have worked on full property renovations and complete refurbishment projects for commercial use.

Conversions and Fit Out

Having grown as a strong team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry, we are able to offer consultancy services to advise, plan, and execute conversion projects of any size, with the knowledge that conversions present more of a challenge than straightforward new-build projects.

Joint Venture Developments

We use our extensive experience when it comes to joint venture projects. Unlike other contractors, our aim is simple: offer our clients the best quality product at the least possible inconvenience.