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Nikolaj Taran

Site manager
Nikolaj is an enthusiastic, committed, and reliable professional dedicated to optimizing systems and maximizing productivity. With a passion for innovation and a penchant for team collaboration, Nikolaj thrives whether leading a team or contributing as a proactive member.

With six years of experience in architectural and structural design, client coordination, and mentoring interns, His expertise expanded to encompass welding skills acquired from a welding school, graduating with top honors.

Nikolaj boasts an impressive array of qualifications: a Degree in Civil Engineering, a diploma in Draftsman and Computer Software Operation, Metal Welder’s and Cutter’s by Gas and Electricity, VCA Diploma, and multiple safety certifications including Workplace First Aid, Manual Handling Awareness, Abrasive Wheels, and more. With these, he ensures precision, prioritizes safety, and upholds top-notch quality in every project he oversees. Nikolaj’s dedication to practical knowledge and adaptability showcases his relentless pursuit of growth, embodying diligence, and a thirst for learning.