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We are Construction Specialists

Antvic Ltd, Construction Specialists offer a comprehensive range of services. We act as the Main Contractor on a vast array of projects, co-ordinating all stages; from the initial design all the way through to completion. Our business was incorporated in 2009 and since then we have built an extensive network within the construction sector.
We work alongside Contractors, professional Architectures & Engineerings. This allows us to carry out a wide range of services across a spectrum of sectors from private houses to much larger corporate developments.
We are continuously working in partnership with our clients throughout all stages of development. We aim to ensure that the project is delivered to the highest specification possible, within the agreed timescale and within budget.

About Us

About Us

ANTVIC LTD is a fast evolving company.

We have experienced extensive growth since 2009 and intend to keep up the trend.

The ethos of our company and quality of our work is ensured by employing highly experienced individuals, including structural engineers, site and project managers, architects and skilled labourers.

We follow strict Health and Safety regulations on all our sites, ensuring a safe working environment at all times and we keep upto date with all regulations.

We offer regular training and safety courses to all of our staff.

At ANTVIC our aim is simple:

Offer the client the best results at the least inconvenience.

Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Our commercial contracts have covered a broad array of projects. They have been some of our most fulfilling work so far.

In complete contrast to the smaller residential works on extensions, our team at Antvic has refurbished and completely transformed properties for commercial use.

We have built a 13 storey building from design through to completion. We have provided landscaping services on these projects including exterior landscape works and roof gardens.

The team have renovated student accommodation and communal areas within student residencies.

They have worked on restaurants, bars and on pubs. All brining a new set of skills and experience to the team.

Whatever the scale or purpose of your project we ensure we will give it due care and diligence.

Always being mindful to time and budget.

Residential Projects

Residential Projects

Since we started 10 years ago the scope has varied increasingly. Our private projects in residential homes have included the conversion of a basement into 12 modern studio flats. We worked on this from concept to completion. We also have a great portfolio of works carried out on single storey properties, double storey properties and flats. Examples of work we have undertaken in these residential properties would be kitchens, utility rooms, conservatories and lofts. This type of work has led to a greater understanding of the clients and neighbours requirements. Where projects have been in current residences, we have always worked with the residents to ensure minimum disruption and noise. Extensions to already existing properties mean those carrying out works must be conscientious at all times. Another residential projects we are very proud to have been involved in is the conversion of an old listed school into new modern flats. All being done whilst trying to preserve the natural beauty of the building and adhering to strict building regulations. We have had residential involvement across all types of building and projects varying from large scale buildings conversions, family dwellings and extensions.

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